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This is the home of the Der'ford Trophy. A golfing experience between competitors from Derby, UK & Stamford, UK.!

What & Why

A group of golfers from Derby, UK. Each one of them thoroughly believe they can hit the ball like Rory McIlroy.
A group of golfers from Stamford, UK. Each one of them throughly believe they can hit the ball like Jason Day.


We had a three way tie in the last tournament, shared between Tony Newbold, Matt Etheride and Leon Hendricks.

Next Tournament

The Belfry, September 2016.

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Team Champs

Stamford are current team champions scoring an average of 64 points to Derby's 60 at Greetham.

We've played these courses:

The Belfry Major - September 2016

Friday 30th - The PGA - First tee 11:00am

Saturday 1st - Brabazon - First tee 09:30am


Derby lads remaining costs.

  • Leon Hendricks - 6/4 (F) bagged his 1st major in 2015, zero fitness problems and hits the ball that well at the range he can't be bothered with the last 20 left in the basket #talkedhiswaytofavourite
  • Matt Sharpe - 8/1 - after mid season form seems to have let complacency creep back in #constentsexaddict
  • Mark Russell - 20/1 - Never won a major and never will #justthereforthebrecko
  • Richard Belshaw - not attending
  • Karl Hendricks - not attending
  • Mitch Sharpe - not attending


Stamford lads remaining costs.

  • Matt Etheridge - 9/1 odds have drifted, seems tence #anger
  • Tony Newbold - 10/1 injured or not injured ? #wouldnthelphiminacarparkfight
  • Phil Etheridge - 3/1 constant threat but can he stay in play on tough courses #bigdog10th
  • Adam Dale - 8/1 great form, could be the one to watch #likestorevuptherams
  • Billy McGowan - 9/1 quiet in the media room, outsider #dontdrinktoomuch
  • Matt Woodman - 2/1 shooting a 79 and looking good #2outof2?

All fee's have been paid, lets play golf and lets get pissed


Tournament Years


Holes completed


Missed Putts


Pints of Beer

Our Gallery

We have a few shots from the tournaments we've completed so far, strangely none with the winner and his trophy.

Matt Sharpe

Phil Etheridge

Karl Hendricks

Bicester Golf Club

Tony Newbold

Rich Belshaw

Leon Hendricks

Next Major, The Belfry

Love this image

A Little Water ?

Adam Dale

Is that Leon or Seve

Where Next?

Potential Future Venues.

  • Breadsall Priory Hotel & Country Club, Derby.
  • Stapleford Park, Leicestershire
  • Seacroft Golf Club, Skegness
  • Hotel Balaia Golf Village Resort & Golf, Portugal

"Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one. Unless I go up the opposite fairway."


Past Winners

From our first Major at Hellidon Lakes in 2013 to the latest at Greetham Valley in June 2016, here is a list of the former champions and the venue's where they found success.

Hellidon Lakes

Matt Sharpe

Greetham Valley

Phil Etheridge

The Oxfordshire

Matt Sharpe


Tony Newbold

The Warwickshire

Matt Sharpe

Golf Club

Leon Hendricks

Golf Club

Matt Woodman

Greetham Valley

3 Way Tie

Tony Newbold

Leon Hendricks

Matt Etheridge

Quotes from former Champions

We are waiting for Phil's press office to release a statement.
Phil Etheridge

"I have to say I really enjoyed thetwo rounds we played at Greetham Valley, two really good courses.
I'm disappointed at not being in contention but if you're not straight off the tee you've got no chance.
I'm really pleased there were no winners and everyone decided to come 3rd."
Matt Sharpe

Tony is still pencilling his statement.
Tony Newbold

"Everything happens for a reason, but sometimes the reason is that we're just shit at golf."
Leon Hendricks

If you need to contact us in anyway, please feel free...


Each major brings various different stories, both on the golf course and off it.. Lets concentrate on the ones that were ON the course..

Greetham Valley / June 2016

After a good first round the leaderboard was closer at the half way stage than ever before. Leon Hendricks and Matt Etheridge lead the way with 35 and 34 points respectively, closely followed with 33 points by Tony Newbold and Mark Russell. Russell sneaking in with par par on the 17th and 18th on the Valley course.
Adam Dale, although would be teeing off in the first group on day two found himself only 4 points off the lead with 31, and very much in contention.

Day two and everyone as usual is hungover. Same boat for all 8 players so no excuses. Tony and Mark jump above Leon and Matt after 9 holes shooting 21 (Tony) and 19 (Mark) points for the front half of the Lakes course.
With Russell out of contention on the 17th Newbold gets a birdie to take a 1 point lead into the final hole. Matt Etheridge and Leon both score 3 points on that last hole and Tony shows his quality with a point making this tournament a 3 way tie. All three players scoring 70 points.

Bicester Golf Club / March 2016

Matt Woodman enters his first tournament and sets his stall out for a win. Showing quality shots from the off and lead the way along with former champion Phil Etheridge at the end of day one.

After many drinks and a lot of taunting on the night out it was debut boy Woody who came through. Producing quality golf to pull off a great win.

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